I enjoy connecting with writers, illustrators, publishing professionals, students of all ages, and fans of books. Contact me via email for inquiries regarding classroom visits and writer’s workshops and panels. Range of topics include how picture books are made, working with illustrators, writing queries and more (just ask!).


Speaking Engagements

November 5-6, 2019
ECPA PubU, Libscomb University

AUDIENCE: Publishing Professionals
Topic: Communicating and Constructive Criticism

Criticism is hard to take and hard to give, and if not handled correctly, it can cause big chasms in your team and cross-department dynamics. There are many elements to a healthy dialogue, and handling (and giving) constructive criticism is one of them.

In this session, we will explore ways to engage in positive dialogue that not only builds relationships, but also elevates the Design and Marketing processes. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Approach your design conversations with your desired results in mind

  • Keep the conversation on topic

  • Focus on the design goals for your project

  • Handle criticism in a positive way

Stronger dialogue means healthier relationships and, in the end, a stronger product design. Gain a new perspective on how you can improve your design dialogue.