What We're Reading: A 13-year old's Bookshelf


My 13-year old’s night stand is overflowing with books to be read and there’s just a few weeks left of summer. With a road trip coming up and plenty of hours to look forward to in the car, I think she just might be able to tackle most of them before the bell rings on the first day of school.

The biggest change—exploring new genres and categories. Gone are the yellow and blue worn covers of handed down Nancy Drew books and the Cupcake Diary series has been shelved.

Her first exploration into the unfamiliar was a memoir called WALKING TO LISTEN, a young man’s coming of age story as he treks across the US. We were on vacation in Glen Arbor and visiting to The Cottage Bookstore (a must if you’re in the area). Everyone in the family could choose one book, whatever one they wanted (within budget). I don’t know what made her wander away from the Middle Grade shelves to Memoir, or what on the cover or in the title was the enticing jewell that made her have to mine That One from the rest, but she did. It was so different from what she usually read. Maybe the differentness was it. The teenage years, after all, are a time of rebellion, a time of exploration, and testing boundaries.

I was tempted to steer her back to the kids section. There were some fantastic new Middle Grade titles I thought she’d love, but she was having none of that. This young man’s memoir was what she wanted and she devoured it in two days. Her reading life has been more rich, more adventurous, and more diverse since.

Her current TBR stack includes Historical Fiction, YA, MG, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Biography, Science/Biology, and Biography.

TBR Pile:

A Woman of No Importance
One of Us Is Lying
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
Flags of Our Fathers
We Hope for Better Things
A Long Walk to Water
The Joy Luck Club
Where the Heart Is

Heather Brewer