What We're Reading: A 10-year old’s bookshelf

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Both of my kids LOVE to read. They love it so much they ride their bike to the library four times in one day just to see if their book hold has come in yet. They love it so much that I’ve actually had to say the words “put down your book and finish your ice cream before it melts!”

Other parents ask me all the time for book recommendations. It’s such a hard question to answer. Every kid has unique interests and are at different stages in their literary journey. My best advice is to take them to the library and let them pick out whatever they want!

But, because I’m asked this question so often, I’m sharing here what my kids are currently reading and loving. You can follow me on Goodreads where I do my best to capture everything.

First up, the 10 year old.

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His current book obsession:
Keeper’s of the Lost City series by Shannon Messenger

He reluctantly started the series when he was in the middle of that happy-mournful, itchy feeling we all crave called a "book hangover.” He was desperate for his next read, but we were on a camping trip and book options were limited. His sister got sick of him moping around, so she gave him one of her old books. He disappeared into the hammock with it and I don’t think we’ll see him again until he’s finished all eight in the series.

What he loves about it: “There are hidden cities, elves, secret organizations and it’s super intense and full of cliffhangers!”

Request it at your library or local independent bookstore!

Other favorite books this year:

Scout and Hero books by Jenni Li Shotz
Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles by Nick Eliopulos

Bear’s 2019 Bookshelf (so far):

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